Cracked, scratched or condensation filled windows? Our sister site Perfectly Clear has a solution.

Lock snapping is a growing problem!

The average Euro Cylinder can be broken in 13 seconds!

snapped lock

The Problem...

In as little as 13 seconds an intruder can attack and get past a Standard Euro Cylinder door lock like this by using basic hand tools.

The Police & Crime Prevention Officers are recommending homeowners to upgrade the security of their UPVC & Composite Doors.

Weak Points within a standard Euro Cylinder make it easy to snap making all security measures such as Deadbolts, Mushroom Cams, Shootbolts and Cams completely useless.


Burglary Facts:

  • 73% of burglaries are via the door
  • In 45% of burglaries, there is a wallet or money stolen
  • In 40% of burglaries, computer equipment is stolen
  • In 10% of burglaries, car keys are stolen
  • In 53% of cases the victims are at home
  • 20% of these the victims are unaware of intruder

The Solution...

Perfectly Secure provide a first class service to upgrade your existing Euro Cylinder Locks with one of the most secure, dependable and highly tested door locks available.

Upgrading your existing locks to a 3 Star Kite Mark Accredited type could also help reduce home insurance premiums.

One Key Fits All

Have all locks throughout your property suited together ending the problem of having several key types for each lock. This option can provide a faster and easier exit during an emergency.

keys and locks
unlock door

Our service includes

  • 1st class customer care
  • Locally based family run business
  • Fully trained & experienced installers
  • Fast, reliable & friendly service
  • Non-Franchised based company
  • Multi-Lock discounts