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Frequently asked Questions

I have a modern door, with multiple locking points and a large deadbolt - is my door secure?

The security of a UPVC door is independent of the locking points and deadbolt. If a Euro Cylinder is snapped these mechanisms no longer stay locked.

My current Euro Cylinder is stamped with a British Kitemark, will it be snap secure?

The regulation British Kitemark Standard (BS EN 1303: 2005) does not cover snap resistance. Only the SS312 Sold Secure Diamond and BSI TS007:2014 3 star Accreditations have been proven and tested against lock snapping tests. The ABS locks pass both these standards and provide snap security without need of additional locks or guards.

I already have a lock with a sacrificial section, will that stop snapping attacks?

While snap off sections will slow down an attack, Euro Cylinders that only have a 1 star Kitemark have not passed any snapping tests. This means they require additional 2 star rated security hardware to be effective. The most efficient solution is to upgrade with an ABS 3 star rated cylinder which has been proven against lock snapping tests.