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Assess your locks

This page acts as a guideline to assess whether your door locks are snap-secure. When assessing your lock it is important to check for these key features:

Does the lock display a British Kite Mark?

Pictured on the left is a standard euro-cylinder; note the lack of stamping. The ABS lock on the right clearly features the Kite Mark.

Is the Kite Mark 3 Star rated?

In some cases a Kite Marked lock may only achieve a rating of 1 Star. A fully snap secure lock will be given a 3 Star accreditation and is tested to be snap-secure — A 1 Star Kite marked lock will delay attack time, but will not prevent an intruder gaining access via lock snapping. Check the amount of stars on the stamped mark - Pictured right is the ABS lock which has been given 3 Star accreditation.

Check the orientation of the key hole.

As pictured left, the standard euro-cylinder features a vertical key hole - Whereas the ABS lock features a horizontal key hole. This is more than design choice as the feature acts as a visual deterrent to would-be burglars

lock compare
broken Euro Cylinder lock

Standard Euro Cylinder locks can be easily snapped rendering the locking mechanism ineffective.

ABS Cylinder lock

ABS locks have a sacrifical areas (1 & 2) which if snapped leave the lock intact enough to remain secure.